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YOUR Global Regulatory Compliance Advisor

Worldwide customised legal support based on your needs, budget & location.

Global ESG Compliance & Reporting

Start-up formation & operation

Regulatory Compliance (GDPR, Privacy, Copyright etc.)

Contract management  (Consultancy, Shareholder, Partnership, Franchise, S&P, Vendor, Employment, commercial leases etc.)

Company Incorporation & Admin

Corporate law

Commercial Law

Intellectual Property

Digital Law

Maritime (Commercial & Cruising)


ESG & Legal Advisor: Resources and Tips
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The PERFECT Business Set-up

Imagine rubbing that magic genie and getting YOUR company incorporated from A-Z, simply, hassle free and in any jurisdiction. Oceans Arena becomes your Aladdin, making your wish come true.

With expertise in Company, Corporate & Commercial law we not only have the PERFECT legal set-up covered, our trusted network is equip to assist you with a range of business legal concerns, among which:

  • Company incorporation

  • Company management & administration

  • Corporate Structures

  • Corporate & Commercial Disputes

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Intellectual Property

Startup basics

Your Website

GDPR & Privacy



Key Facts

ESG & Legal Advisor: Files
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